Acknowledging PlasmaPy

If you use PlasmaPy for a project resulting in a publication, we ask that you cite the following reference (BibTeX):

  • PlasmaPy Community, Nicholas A. Murphy, Andrew J. Leonard, Dominik Stańczak, Pawel M. Kozlowski, Samuel J. Langendorf, Colby C. Haggerty, Jasper P. Beckers, Stuart J. Mumford, Tulasi N. Parashar, and Yi-Min Huang. (2018, April). PlasmaPy: an open source community-developed Python package for plasma physics. Zenodo.

We provide the following standard acknowledgment with this citation that you may use instead of a citation in the body of a paper.

  • This research made use of PlasmaPy, a community-developed open source core Python package for plasma physics (PlasmaPy Community 2018).

We highly encourage researchers to acknowledge the packages that PlasmaPy depends on, including but not limited to Astropy, NumPy, and SciPy.