PlasmaPy v0.1 release!

I address you tonight not as a programmer of Python, not as a maintainer of a repository, but as a citizen of open source.

We are faced with the very newest of releases.

GitHub calls this one PlasmaPy v0.1.0, the first of the alphas.

And yet, for the first time in the history of this project our team has the technology to prevent its own procrastination.

All of you pip installing with us need to know that everything that could be done to delay this release has been called into service.

The coder's thirst for excellence, perfectionism, every step into the abyss of transport theory, every adventurous refactor of docs, all of our combined ideas for features and improvements, even the code reviews that we performed have provided us with the tools to prevent this exciting event.

Through all the chaos that is our Git tree, through all of the PEP8 and the Matrix discussion, through all the pain of learning Sphinx and rebasing, through all of our ~2000 commits, there is one thing that has nourished our souls, and pushed us to complete this release, and that is our pretty plots. Oh, and the possibility to apply more decorators.

The dreams of the entire PlasmaPy community are focused tonight on these 31 brave committers, pushing onto the main branch.

And may we all, plasma enthusiasts the world over, see this release through.

Thermal speed, and a \(\sqrt{2}\) to you,